Winter '16 Season Info | FXA Football - Co-ed, Men's, & Women's Leagues
FXA Football is Northern Virginia's (VA/DC/MD) Largest Co-ed, Men's, & Women's Adult Flag Football League with over 480 teams & 7,680 players annually. We offer Team & Individual (Free Agent) Registrations for our Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter Seasons.

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  • 1st week of January - End of February 2016


  • This is a Mandatory Meeting, so if the Team Captain is unable to attend, another representative from the team must be present.


  • To Be Determined


  • Co-ed Leagues
    • Tuesday Co-ed League - Casual & Competitive Conferences
    • Thursday Co-ed League - Casual & Competitive Conferences
    • Saturday Late Morning / Early Afternoon League 
    • Sunday Late Morning / Early Afternoon League
  • Men's Leagues
    • Thursday Night League - Casual & Competitive (VFFA Rules) Conferences
    • Sunday Late Morning / Early Afternoon League - Casual & Competitive (VFFA Rules) Conferences

Teams can play in multiple leagues, but players cannot play in different conference on the same day. 


  • Each team will play 6 regular season games plus playoffs (if you qualify). 
  • Weeknight Games will play between 7pm – 10pm on Turf Fields
  • Weekend Morning Games will play between 11am - 4pm
  • Playoffs will be held the week following the regular season.
  • The number of teams that make it to the play-offs will be determined by FXA, but is typically the Top Half.


  • Casual Division - This division should be played by experienced (youth, high school, or college) players or very athletic players that are looking for a competitive game built around other strong teams who have played organized flag football for 1 - 3 years.  The Casual Division playoffs will only accept teams with a winning record (above.500) or higher.
  • Competitive Division - With experienced teams and players, this division offers a consistent high level of play and competitive games, best suited for players who have played organized flag football for more than 3 years and are in good physical condition.  The Competitive Division playoffs will accept the top half # of teams.


  • Casual Division
    • This division is non-contact (except at the line)
    • Should be played by recreational players only and allows players new to flag football & less experienced players to play a fun game of football
    • Suggested for new FXA teams or teams with under 3 seasons experience.
  • Competitive Division
    • This division uses VFFA Rules (Bump-n-Run, FGs / PATs, & Kick-offs)
    • Should be played by experienced (youth, high school, or college) players or very athletic players that are looking for a competitive game built around other strong teams. 
    • Suggested for teams with 3 - 6 seasons flag football experience.

FXA reserves the right to move your team to a different conference at any time including playoffs to competition evenly matched!

  • If a game is canceled due to inclement weather, make-up games may be rescheduled on a different day to keep the season on schedule.  Blast text messages/emails will be sent to all roster players when games are canceled or you can call the FXA Hotline at (703) 382-9111 x20.  It will also be posted on the website, and canceled games will show a red line through them.
  • *Please Note - Depending on the number of teams in each conference, make-up games may be played on a different day to keep the season on schedule.


  • All Winter League Games will play on Turf Fields located in Fairfax County.


  • Co-ed Team - $575 per team
  • Men's Team - $650 per team
  • $30 for Female Individual (Free Agent)
  • $50 for Male Individual (Free Agent) for Co-ed League
  • $55 for Male Individual (Free Agent) for Men's League
  • Registration Closes on Sunday, December 27, 2015 at 11:59pm
  • You must make payment at time of registration.


  • Each team shall field eight players, with at least three women at all times.
  • Every 3rd play must be a "female play" (see rules for more details). 
  • Click on the League Info Tab, and Select Co-ed Rules for the complete rule book.


  • Each team shall field eight players.
  • All 8 Players are eligible receivers 
  • Click on the Rules Tab for complete rulebook.


  • 6 regular season games (plus playoffs if you qualify)
  • 2 experienced referees per game for Co-ed Games
  • 3 experienced referees per game for Men's Games
  • Sideline markers & end-zone pylons
  • Painted / lined football fields
  • Flag Belts
  • Beer / food specials after the games!


Click here for information and frequently asked questions about the league and registration. 


  • Females must be 18 years or older to participate in Fairfax Athletics.
  • Males must be 21 years or older to participate in Fairfax Athletics.

Before any player can participate in FXA, he/she must complete the player registration and add them self to the team(s) roster using the registration links sent to the captain (or individual that registered the team) in the registration confirmation email.  It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to make sure every player has completed this player registration.

FXA Registration fees are refundable only at the discretion of Fairfax Athletics.

*Assumes 10 or more teams register for the Elite League.