How to Add Player Statistics | FXA Football - Co-ed, Men's, & Women's Leagues
FXA Football is Northern Virginia's (VA/DC/MD) Largest Co-ed, Men's, & Women's Adult Flag Football League with over 480 teams & 7,680 players annually. We offer Team & Individual (Free Agent) Registrations for our Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter Seasons.

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How to Add Player Statistics on the Website


To enter Player Stats, you must be listed as the Manager or Coach on your team roster and follow the instructions below:
  1. Enter your email address and password in the top right corner of the website 
  2. Click on the Schedules, Standings, & Scores tab along the top
  3. Your team should be already be selected.  If not, select your Season, League, then your team name
  4. Click on the results tab on the left side
  5. Click on the (middle) white graph icon
  6. Enter stats for each player, one category (Offensive, Defense, QB, Special Teams) at a time, then click Save at the bottom.  (For example, enter all your Offensive stas for each player, then click save.  Next, enter all of your Defensive stats for each player, then click save.  Moving from one category to another without clicking save will cause you to loose everything you entered) 
  7. DO NOT CHANGE THE POSITION.  Position must show as "Player" for each member.
  8. The Top 20 Players for each league can then be found here on the main page of the website.
Only the Manager or Coach (listed on the Roster) can enter Player stats.