New Player Guide | FXA Football - Co-ed, Men's, & Women's Leagues
FXA Football is Northern Virginia's (VA/DC/MD) Largest Co-ed, Men's, & Women's Adult Flag Football League with over 480 teams & 7,680 players annually. We offer Team & Individual (Free Agent) Registrations for our Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter Seasons.

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What Should I Wear?

  • Shorts or pants with no pockets
  • Caps/hats are permitted as long as all hard bills are facing backward
  • Cleats are best (no metal spikes) or athletic shoes
  • Team color t-shirt or jersey (ask your captain)
    • Remember, if you wear the same color as your opponent, the home team (the one listed first on the schedule) has to wear an alternate color for that game. In playoffs, the better seed gets to keep their color
  • FXA provides flag belts for all leagues -- make sure the belt stays over your clothing and the flags positioned on your hips through the game

What Should I Expect on Game Day?

FXA provides fun and competitive games, where we promote safety and sportsmanship above all else.

  • Games are two 20 minute halves
  • Social & Casual games are 60 yard fields, Competitive & Elite games are on 80 yard fields. Visit the registration page for more on the different divisions and leagues we offer
  • All coed games are limited contact:
    • No jamming of receivers
    • No-contact blocking on the line--rushers must go around the blockers
    • No downfield blocking - this means both moving screens as well as contact! You cannot be running/moving downfield if the ball is being run behind you--just stand still!
  • Two on-field lines:
    • Line of Scrimmage - line where the offense lines up. Offense must have at least 4 players on the line of scrimmage at the snap
    • Rush Line - this line is 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. In order to cross the line of scrimmage to pursue an offensive player (QB or otherwise), a defensive player must be at or behind the rush line at the snap
  • Gender Requirements - We want everyone to be involved! At least every third player must involve a Female as the "operative player" as defined below:
    • Female must be the intended receiver, and be the final player to make an attempt on the ball
    • Female must be the QB and throw a forward pass to a receiver that either gains positive yards, or was beyond the line of scrimmage when attempting the catch
    • Female must run the ball beyond the line of scrimmage

What about Playoffs?

As a general rule, FXA takes the top half number of teams (i.e.-if a league has 16 teams, 8 will make playoffs). We reserve the right to modify that as needed on a season-by-season basis, and will usually not take teams with losing records to playoffs.

Playoffs are single elimination, and the winner receives a trophy, and may even get championship shirts or discounts on future seasons!